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SCOFI is an international investment company whose main purpose is to manage diverse operational activities within the oil industry. These include, but are not limited to investments, loans, mergers or acquisitions, management, and operational positions, asset deployment, or taking shareholder and/or director roles in energy related companies. Every project receives a different level of attention and support depending on its magnitude, technical complexity, geographic location, and investment value.

SCOFI is based in Barbados due to the country's economic and political stability in addition to the growing importance of Barbados in the Caribbean energy market place.

Further, Barbados is gaining recognition as a comprehensive banking center, which allows for complex financing and structuring of international investments.
SCOFI's mission is to provide our clients with top quality financial and operational guidance while maintaining our level of integrity, ethical and moral convictions, and in complying with all regulatory requirements.

SCOFI currently generates revenue through its undivided interest in many energy industry related projects in South America. SCOFI's range of investments includes drilling, coiled tubing services, marine logistics, drilling mud fluids, and air transportation for the energy sector. The company's primary focus moving forward is executing and delivering to shareholder on its various joint venture drilling and development partnerships as well as its internally generated projects with an experienced management team.

SCOFI believes that the strategy of partnering with industry-experienced players allows exposure to a variety of projects and opportunities that have tremendous upside potential. SCOFI's growth prospect therefore is focused on leveraging opportunities under a conservative risk portfolio.